AACE Special Interest Group ADD E-Learn: Member Survey Results and Plans for 2014

Making the complex clear, turning difficult into intriguing, raising intellectual curiosity, supporting creative problem solving, posing authentic challenges, building effective scaffolds – contemporary e-learning goes beyond the latest tools and technologies. The special interest group “Designing, Developing, and Assessing E-Learning” aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to debate and collaborate on a variety of instructional design themes. The SIG promotes activities for future E-Learn conferences. This presentation summarizes the results of an online survey among ADD E-Learn members and promotes plans for E-Learn 2014. These plans include

  1. Organizing ‘ADD E-Learn Special Issue Roundtable': This informal meeting will focus on Special Issue contributions, joint writing/ research initiatives, project collaboration.
  2. ADD E-Learn Symposium: Several members articulated their interest in a separate conference track for the SIG. To meet this need for a focused track, we will organize a symposium for AACE E-Learn 2014.

In addition, we have planned several activities during the conference/ at the Special Interest Group Meeting:

  • ADD E-Learn Voices: Brief audio interviews with SIG members on their projects, ideas, research …
  • ADD E-Learn Practice2Teach: Opportunities to recruit instructional design guest speakers for classes
  • ADD E-Learn Focus Topics: Selection of 2-3 focus areas for collaboration in 2014/15
  • Other topics that will be discussed at the meeting include the launch of the SIG Website, the community’s vision / mission statement as well as activities and leadership for 2014/15.

Global Time 2012 conference report

The online conference Global TIME 2012, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), took place from Feb 7th-9th. Read the conference report and interview with program chair Theo Bastiaens at Educational Technology and Change Journal.

  • Theo Bastiaens, program chair of the 2011 and 2012 Global TIME conference, talks about lessons learned, the quality of online talks, and the online experience from an attendee’s point of view. Read the interview at ETC Journal.
  • Global TIME 2012 hosted attendees from 28 countries, 34 presentations, 44 additional “asynchronous” papers, 3 excellent keynotes, and 4 workshop sessions.Read the report at ETC Journal.

Attending Global TIME 2012: Global Conference on Technology, Innovation,Media & Education (Feb. 7-9, online)

Global TIME 2012 Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media & Education is an online conference, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). The annual conference serves to further the advancement and innovation in learning and technology. As the educational world becomes increasingly global, new ways to explore, learn, and share knowledge are needed. Global TIME aims to connect and engage creative educators, researchers, consultants, trainers, policy makers, curriculum developers, entrepreneurs, and others. Sectors covered include adult learning, higher education, informal learning, K-12, Libraries and museums as well as vocational education and corporate training.

It is my pleasure to cover the second edition of Global TIME for the Educational Technology and Change Journal on behalf of AACE. For more information visit http://www.aace.org/conf/gtime/.