ISSOTL Online 2013, hosted by International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in cooperation with the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University, begins September 9, 2013, and continues through September 28, 2013. It offers three complementary strands:

  • Introduction to SoTL focuses on points of debate in the field’s history, facilitates discussion of seminal readings, and situates emerging trends in relation to the field’s development.
  • Studying and Designing for Transfer introduces transfer theories, investigates connections with SoTL, and explores future directions in transfer research and its implications for curriculum design. This topic crosses disciplinary boundaries and draws from recent multi-institutional research initiatives on transfer.
  • Student Voices: This online pre-conference strand explores the roles students can take in SoTL and the expertise they bring to our work.

Timetable overview:

Week 1 (September 9-14, 2013) Week 2 (September 15-21, 2013) Week 3 (September 23-28, 2013
Strand 1: Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning What is SoTL? Foundations and Key Characteristics Controversies, Debates, and Tensions Emerging Trends
Strand 2:Studying and Designing for Transfer An Introduction to Transfer Theories Transfer and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Future Directions in Studying and Designing for Transfer
Strand 3: Student Voices Why Integrate Student Voices in SOTL? Models for Integrating Student Voices in SOTL Tips and Best Practices for Including Student Voices


Weekly events in each strand will be staggered throughout each week to facilitate participation. Each strand features video interviews with SOTL experts, recommended readings, live chats with key scholars, and asynchronous discussions.

Participation is free of charge. To register, please visit and click on the program menu. There you will find a link to ‘ISSOTL online 2013’.

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  1. Jessie L. Moore

    Thanks for sharing the ISSOTL Online schedule! Participants can join at any time, and the materials will remain available after the online seminar ends.


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